Pancake day!

I know that technically the pancake day(s) were over a week ago (i.e. ihop pancake day was March 7th and the “fat tuesday” pancake day was February 28th) but honestly, pancakes ought to be celebrated every day cuz they’re delicious! So here we go, a pseudo pancake day post! Though I actually made the pancakes on the ihop pancake day, so I was on the ball there!

So the pancakes I made weren’t the typical kind of pancakes that my friends (and my stomach) has grown to love. These were made with cottage cheese! Recipe hither.

Now don’t you go cringing at the fact that cottage cheese was the main ingredient! Hear me out, it’s pretty good!

IMG_1056Okay it may look weird (the white chunks are the cottage cheese chunks), but you can use a food processor to blend up the batter to make the chunks be less obvious! Also it’s important to note that these cakes can taste pretty [p]eggy, so if you want to tone that flavor down, just add more cottage cheese.

When you flip over these beauties, they have so much aesthetic (at least this batch did for some reason!) :img_1058.jpgSee?? Aren’t they beautiful? ( Haha I messed up flipping the one on the right.)

CLOSE-UP, Y’ALL:IMG_1060So good!

Now children, what is the best topping for pancakes?img_1062.jpgThat’s right, kids, butter and powdered sugar! Haha okay you can have whatever topping you want on pancakes, but I fully endorse butter and powdered sugar.

Okay one last close-up:IMG_1064

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